Tennis Elbow

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  • Counterforce Strap

    These straps have a pad on them to help decrease the tension on the painful tendons causing tennis elbow. They should be worn over the thickest part of your forearm (see my video here for details.) This will allow you to keep doing your daily activities with less pain! Less pain is always better!

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  • Eccentric Extensor Bands

    These are a simple, portable, and less expensive alternative to the FlexBar. You can toss one in your pocket and go! They are designed to specifically work on the extensor muscles that are the cause of tennis elbow pain.

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  • Hand Therapy Discs

    This category of equipment consists of a silicone disc with finger holes. There’s also a small ball in the center to use as a grip strengthener.  These are more versatile than the extensor bands, and can be used for multiple hand problems.

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  • Muscle Floss

    By compressing the muscles and tendons, and then stretching the affected area, it seems that we can improve mobility and decrease pain when comared to stretching alone.  Though this is a relatively new concept, there is some science to back it up.

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  • Reduce Grip Strain – Fat Gripz

    Tennis elbow was nearly eliminated in the sport of tennis by switching to larger handles on the racquets. And the same concept can help gym rats cure their case of tennis elbow too. Fat Gripz are easy to slide over the grip of barbells, dumbbells, and even pull up bars. They increase the bar diameter to reduce grip strain.  And that can help heal your golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.

    I actually recommend the Fat Gripz “One Series” since they are a little smaller than the original. This makes them better for the quick movements of functional fitness.  And after reading the reviews it seems the original size was just too large for many people, especially women. I think these slightly slimmer grips will serve you better!

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  • Roller Ball Massager

    This product is great for light massage to help with pain and soreness after a workout, as well as helping to relieve the symptoms of golfer’s elbow and tennis elbow.  I find it really helpful on for relieving sore tight muscles around the neck and shoulders too.

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  • Stop Gripping The Bar – Ab Straps

    If you love doing to toes-to-bar for your abs, but tennis elbow is stopping you from gripping the bar, then these straps can help you out. These let you hang without actually gripping the bar.  It’s not quite the same workout, but it’s a good substitute.  And it will help heal your aching elbows!

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  • Support Your Grip – Grip Hooks

    Let’s be honest. No matter how often I tell you to take it easy and let your body heal, you won’t.  You are going to do the super-healthy Type-A thing and keep powering through the pain, aren’t you? Well at least using grip hooks will take a lot of the stress off of your forearms. Which will let your tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow heal while you keep working out.

    Use these for heavy controlled lifts: deadlift, rowing, and strict pull-ups. Don’t use them during any lift where you might have to bail and save yourself. You don’t want to be locked into a snatch gone wrong!

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  • Theraband FlexBar

    This is the “Old Reliable” of elbow rehab equipment. It’s been a standard in physical therapy for tennis elbow for years. If you have golfer’s elbow or tennis elbow, this rehab equipment is where I would start.

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