Counterforce Strap

These straps have a pad on them to help decrease the tension on the painful tendons causing tennis elbow. They should be worn over the thickest part of your forearm (see my video here for details.) This will allow you to keep doing your daily activities with less pain! Less pain is always better!


Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: 650 +

4 or 5 Stars: Greater than 85%

1 Star: less than 5% – some complained of a chemical odor


There are a TON of tennis elbow braces on the market. But I chose this brand for several reasons.  It is reasonably priced, comes with a pair of the braces (so you can wash one and wear the other ) and also comes with two different length of straps.  A common problem with these types of braces is that they don’t fit everyone.  But this brand should fit the majority of people, no matter whether you train for the toned look or to get swole.


Very few.  Some people don’t see much relief, and in severe cases you may have too much pain to use one of these. In that case, its probably best to use a simple elbow sleeve for warmth and support. This one has an adjustable strap that can help with tendinitis too. Or if you like paying more for unsubstantiated claims, you can get one of the fancy copper kind!


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