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what is tendinitis

What is Tendinitis?

What is Tendinitis? Tendinitis is a very common problem.  Tens of thousands of people develop tendinitis every year.  Nearly everyone will experience tendinitis at some point in their lives.  But just like every post here on LSO, this is specifically directed toward the functional fitness and cross-training population.  We want to show you how to […]

PRP: Can It Help You?

PRP injection is a treatment that’s gotten a lot of hype lately.  It is one of the most widely sought-after treatment by NFL players, and it’s made its way out to the Weekend Warrior population as well.  As a result, I get a lot of patients asking whether it can be helpful for their problems […]

Fixing Fascia – An Interview With Scott Dolly

Fascia and Interstitium:  An Expert’s Perspective We are proud to bring you this interview about the fascia with Scott Dolly MS, ATC, CSCS.  Scott is the owner of Evolution Human Performance and Rehabilitation in Winchester, VA.  He has a Masters Degree in Athletic Training and practices movement analysis, manual therapy and functional fitness training.   The […]

Exercising After Injury

Don’t Call It a Comeback: Exercising After Injury

Exercising After Injury Returning to sports or training after an injury or life changing event can be a frustrating process.  High-skill movement technique becomes rusty. Your lungs burn and legs turn to jello on 400m runs that used to feel like recovery.  60% of your 1 rep max back squat now feels like a mountain […]

How To Foam Roll Your Glutes

8 Simple Foam Roller Exercises

How Do I Use a Foam Roller? Using a Foam Roller is easy!  When doing any foam roller exercises, there are just a few key things to remember.  Foam Rollers come in different density, or firmness.  Select one that is as firm as you can use with only mild discomfort.  This is supposed to feel […]

What is Foam Rolling?

Why Is Foam Rolling the Hottest New Recovery Method? If you spend any time on Instagram, you’ve certainly seen plenty of posts about foam rolling.  While we here at LSO are usually pretty wary of any fitness fads, foam rolling is one trend we can get behind.  In this post we will tell you all […]

surgical meniscus repair treatment

Insider’s Guide To Meniscus Tear Treatment

What is the best treatment for a torn meniscus?   Meniscus tear treatment is actually a pretty complex issue.  In the past, it was simple: take it out!  However, that idea is outdated now.  In this article, I will talk about many of the ways to treat meniscus tears. I’ll also tell you about some […]

shoulder stability, delayed onset muscle soreness

The Four Best Dietary Supplements To Prevent Soreness After Exercise

It’s very common to get muscle pain and stiffness the day after you exercise. There is actually a specific name for it too: Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness, abbreviated as DOMS.  There are many ways to help treat DOMS.  But prevention is better than treatment, and many dietary supplements have been found to help prevent soreness after […]

Active Recovery with Yoga

Rest, Recover, Rebuild: The Importance of Rest Days for the Athlete

How to Do a “Rest Day” The Right Way We’ve all heard about the importance of rest days when it comes to recovering from workouts.  Some of you may know this and ignore the advice – pushing yourself until an injury forces you to take a break.  Science shows exercise is good for you.  Conditioning […]

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