Month: April 2018

Repairing a tear in the rotator cuff

What Is the Rotator Cuff?

Many people have heard the term “rotator cuff.”  But what is the Rotator Cuff?  And why do we worry about it so much?  The rotator cuff is a common source of shoulder pain for a large percentage of the population. While many people develop rotator cuff tears without any specific injury, high-intensity interval training puts […]

How To Foam Roll Your Glutes

8 Simple Foam Roller Exercises

How Do I Use a Foam Roller? Using a Foam Roller is easy!  When doing any foam roller exercises, there are just a few key things to remember.  Foam Rollers come in different density, or firmness.  Select one that is as firm as you can use with only mild discomfort.  This is supposed to feel […]

What is Foam Rolling?

Why Is Foam Rolling the Hottest New Recovery Method? If you spend any time on Instagram, you’ve certainly seen plenty of posts about foam rolling.  While we here at LSO are usually pretty wary of any fitness fads, foam rolling is one trend we can get behind.  In this post we will tell you all […]

Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility vs Mobility Flexibility and mobility are two very common terms among the functional fitness community.  People often use them interchangeably.  However, they really represent two different concepts.  Athletes and coaches understand good mobility is essential to performing exercises efficiently.  Functional fitness exercises are also good at improving mobility. Very rarely, however, do we take […]

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