Tennis Elbow Braces and Rehab Equipment

Tennis elbow is painful tendinitis that can develop with frequent overuse. It is called lateral epicondylitis because the pain occurs on the bony bump at the outer side of the elbow. It is very common in weight lifters and other people that increase their exercise volume quickly. In order to cure tennis elbow, you can do a few things.  Decrease the stress on the muscles you use to grip and twist at the wrist and elbow.  Work on special eccentric strengthening exercises.  It can be very helpful to use a brace to decrease tennis elbow pain.  And keep the muscles loose and mobile.

Eccentric Strengthening Heals Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is often caused by overuse and too many reps in the gym.  But one of the best ways to get rid of it is with a particular kind of grip training called eccentric exercise.  The equipment below is used for eccentric grip training, where you work on the “negative” phase, or slowly relaxing from a full contraction.

Keep in mind that none of this is intended to diagnose or treat your specific problem.  Please see a medical professional before you embark on any treatment program.

Change Your Workout To Heal Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow won’t get better unless you stop doing the things that hurt!   Of course, we all know you won’t actually stop exercising unless its physically impossible.  Because I only have two kinds of patients: Those that won’t start exercising, and those that can’t quit!.  The equipment in this section will help to take the strain off the damaged tendons so you can heal while still exercising.

Braces For Tennis Elbow

Using compression braces around the elbow can help reduce the pain of tennis elbow. While these aren’t going to cure you by themselves, they can help make daily activities more manageble. And it’s supported by science!

Soft Tissue Mobilization For Tennis Elbow

Direct soft tissue mobilization is proving to be very helpful in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. If you don’t have a local therapist that provides this service, doing some on your own can at least decrease pain from tennis elbow.

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