Muscle Floss

By compressing the muscles and tendons, and then stretching the affected area, it seems that we can improve mobility and decrease pain when comared to stretching alone.  Though this is a relatively new concept, there is some science to back it up.


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Number of Reviews: 500 +
4 or 5 Stars: 95%
1 Star: 1%


This is one of the least expensive mobility products in my tendinitis equipment recommendations. There are a few negative reviews, but overall the company is active and responds to each of them in a helpful manner. Most of the negative reviews are for issues with packaging or shipping.  There are a couple of claims that the bands are slippery, but if you’ve got much arm hair that’s probably a blessing.


No major warning here. These haven’t been proven to heal tendons yet.  But they do improve mobility and decrease pain, which is certainly a big help.


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