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Tennis elbow was nearly eliminated in the sport of tennis by switching to larger handles on the racquets. And the same concept can help gym rats cure their case of tennis elbow too. Fat Gripz slide over the grip of barbells, dumbbells, and even pull up bars. They increase the bar diameter to reduce grip strain.

I actually recommend the Fat Gripz One, since they are a little smaller than the original. This makes them better for the quick movements of functional fitness.  And the original size was just too large for many people, especially women. I think these will serve you better!


Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: 120+ (nearly 3000 for the original)
4 or 5 Stars:  97%
1 Star: 1%


The original product of its kind. This helps to relieve tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow while still getting your fix of gym time. Lots of reviews and nearly all of them positive.


More expensive than their competitors. But after reading many, many, MANY reviews it seems that people who have used both recommend the originals over the cheaper competition.  Why? Usually, because the other brands don’t fit well and tend to slip on the bar, making it pretty difficult to throw those weights around the way you love to do.


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