Eccentric Extensor Bands

These are a simple, portable, and less expensive alternative to the FlexBar. You can toss one in your pocket and go! They are designed to specifically work on the extensor muscles that are the cause of tennis elbow pain.



Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: 150+
4 or 5 Stars: Better Than 85%
1 Star: Less Than 5% – mostly because the bands broke after sustained use


There are several other brands of these. But I chose this prodcut specifically because it offers the broadest range of resistance. The 8 lb band should be do-able for those with severe tennis elbow. And the 21 lb band is good for my ninja warrior, WODified, power lifters.


While breakage maybe the biggest issue, they aren’t very expensive. Also this is a decently heavy set; it may be too much for some people. So if you aren’t one of my weightlifting readers, you may want a lighter resistance set. In your case, try these instead.
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