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Save Your Shoulder With These Simple Warmup Exercises

Complex movements are hard to perform well.  They require activation of both major movers and accessory muscles in precise sequences when performed correctly. But our bodies are lazy. They love to take shortcuts and easily fall into bad movement patterns. And our bodies have natural differences between antagonistic sets of muscles.  That leads to imbalances […]

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Foot Position and Squats: Stop worrying about angle and focus on placement

If there is one thing that is constant in the world of weightlifting, it is debate about squat technique.  And one of the most commonly argued aspects is about foot position.  I’ve seen plenty of coaches and trainers who absolutely insist that there is only one proper foot placement for the squat:  about shoulder-width apart […]


Answering The Most Common Questions About BFR Training

One of the most popular new training modalities at our physical therapy office is also one of the fastest-growing strength training methods: Blood Flow Restriction Training. Sometimes known as BFR or Occlusion Training, it employs light tourniquets while exercising at low resistance to produce great gains in strength and muscle bulk. But people have a […]

Learning to Soar – How Climbing Can Help People With Parkinson’s

Most of us would assume (rightly) that climbing is a great workout that strengthens your muscles and provides a lot of cardio while being very low impact. In fact, few exercises rival climbing in terms of the sheer number of muscles required. But what many people do not know is how impactful climbing can be […]

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Top Causes of Hip Snapping and How To Fix it

So, you’re at the gym doing your regular workout, but something doesn’t feel right.  Your hip seems to get tighter every time you stand up from your squat.  And then suddenly, SNAP!  Something deep in your hip clunks and scares you.  You’re pretty sure you just dislocated your hip!  But instead of the pain you […]

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Is The Mind-Muscle Connection Real?

Bodybuilders have talked about the mind-muscle connection for a while now.  And of course, if one person has an opinion on training, you’ll have another person that calls it a myth. And if there is one thing I love to do, it’s busting fitness myths!  But what if it’s more than just a bro-science myth?  […]

Six Ways Exercise Can Prevent and Treat Anxiety

Exercise is one of the best ways to maintain your physical health.  But many people don’t realize how vital it is for mental health as well.  It reduces your chances of dementia, improves memory, and decreases the number of anxiety and depressive episodes you might experience.  If you are one of the people that relies […]

Injured Or Just Sore? 7 Ways To Tell The Difference

To lift or not to lift? Ah, that is the question! You are probably sitting there wondering whether you should go to the gym or call the doctor.  “Did I injure myself or am I just extra sore from my workout?”  Because, yes, a hard workout can make you really sore the next day. But […]

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