Month: November 2017

HIIT and Achilles Tears

HIIT and Achilles Tears Many people worry about High-Intensity Interval Training and Achilles tears.  While it can be a devastating injury, it is fortunately very rare.   Achilles tendon tears are common in sports where the athlete jump and move in quick short bursts.  Tennis, basketball, and volleyball carry a higher risk than HIIT.  But the […]

Which is Better: High Weight or High Reps?

High Weight or High Reps, Which is Better? This is a question from a reader and one that coaches hear frequently.  High Weight vs. High Reps – both workouts have their place.  Most people think that high weight workouts will increase muscle size, and high rep workouts will lead to a thin, toned look.  And a […]


Common HIIT Injuries

Common HIIT Injuries and How to Prevent Them While High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are safe and carry no higher risk of significant injury than any other sport, that doesn’t mean that they are free of risk.  Like any sport, there are certainly chances for minor HIIT injuries.  These include any injury that causes pain […]

Coaching Seniors

Coaching Seniors in Functional Fitness

Coaching Seniors in Functional Fitness People are continually searching for ways to look and feel younger.  The most important of the two is the “feel younger” goal.  That’s where you come in.  As the population ages, many gyms are starting to realize that there is plenty of work to be done by coaching seniors.   Walking […]

Use It or Lose It: Exercise After 60

Getting Older Without Getting Old Picture two 75-year-old individuals.  One lives in their own home, works a part-time job at a hardware store and enjoys tossing a ball for their golden retriever.  They love spending time with their grandkids and are easily able to get up and down from the floor to play with them.  […]

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