Stop Gripping The Bar – Ab Straps

If you love doing to toes-to-bar for your abs, but tennis elbow is stopping you from gripping the bar, then these straps can help you out. These let you hang without actually gripping the bar.  It’s not quite the same workout, but it’s a good substitute.  And it will help heal your aching elbows!


Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: 400 +
4 or 5 Stars: Greater than 90%
1 Star: 3% – mostly for lack of padding and a few complaining of short straps.


These are the most highly rated ab straps that I could find on Amazon. They have a high number of reviews and seem longer than most of the others, making them more functional than other brands.


There really isn’t much padding here, so if you are pretty thin you may not like them.  There are others with more padding, like these Padded Ab Straps. And strangely, the few bad reviews talk about the straps being uneven or too short. It seems they had some quality control issues at some point. But given the overwhelmingly positive reviews, that’s not a common issue.


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