Hand Therapy Discs

This category of equipment consists of a silicone disc with finger holes. There’s also a small ball in the center to use as a grip strengthener.  These are more versatile than the extensor bands, and can be used for multiple hand problems.



Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: 200+
4 or 5 Stars: About 80%
1 Star: About 5% – mainly that the holes are small, but doesn’t see to be a common issue.


These are the highest-ranked disk hand therapy products on Amazon.  They have a large number of good reviews and seem very durable.  These seem more durable than the bands above but are a bit more expensive.


I would be sure to order the full set.  Some negative reviews were that the resistance wasn’t an appropriate level.  But if you get all three, you have somewhere to start, and something to grow into.


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