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Let’s be honest. No matter how often I tell you to take it easy and let your body heal, you won’t.  You are going to do the super-healthy Type-A thing and keep powering through the pain, aren’t you? Well at least using grip hooks will take a lot of the stress off of your forearms. Which will let your tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow heal while you keep working out.

Use these for heavy controlled lifts: deadlift, rowing, and strict pull-ups. Don’t use them during any lift where you might have to bail and save yourself. You don’t want to be locked into a snatch gone wrong!


Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: Over 1700
4 or 5 Stars: About 94%
1 Star: 2%


These durable hooks seem to have everything going for them. They seem to fit the bar well. Most people find them comfortable. They are durable without any reports of breakage.  And they are right in the middle of the price range for this type of product.


Some people will say that using these will weaken your grip. But if you have severe golfers elbow or tennis elbow, you don’t have much grip strength left anyway! Specific to this product, some women with small hands found the hooks to be too large. So if you have small hands you may want to go with cloth straps ( ) instead.


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