Marcy Wrist and Forearm Developer

This product can help you with golfer’s elbow, but only if you use it right.  If you crank the resistance up too high, you’ll do more harm than good. Just remember, you should use light resistance.  Flex your wrist down and hold it. Then slooooowwwwwly let your flexed wrist relax back up straight over about 5 seconds.



Amazon Reviews

Number of Reviews: Nearly 500
4 or 5 Stars:  Greater than 80%
1 Star: About 7% – most of these are because resistance was too light for serious weight lifters.  But that makes it perfect for rehabbing an injured wrist!


It provides light but adjustable levels of resistance.  That makes it great for therapy on an injury. Reviews on this product are that it’s easy to use and durable, seems to last for a couple years or more.  It seems much more comfortable to use than competing products. The resistance is easy to adjust, and won’t shift on you during use.


The biggest complaint with reviewers is that the top resistance level is too light.  But we are going for slow eccentric contractions here. We want light resistance. You want to slowly let the muscle relax over 5 seconds or so under tension the whole time.  That’s one of the best ways to rehab your tendons. There are some less expensive products that do a similar job. But this seems to be the most effective and least difficult to use.


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