Flexibility and Mobility

Flexibility vs Mobility Flexibility and mobility are two very common terms among the functional fitness community.  People often use them interchangeably.  However, they really represent two different concepts.  Athletes and coaches understand good mobility is essential to performing exercises efficiently.  Functional fitness exercises are also good at improving mobility. Very rarely, however, do we take […]

surgical meniscus repair treatment

Insider’s Guide To Meniscus Tear Treatment

What is the best treatment for a torn meniscus?   Meniscus tear treatment is actually a pretty complex issue.  In the past, it was simple: take it out!  However, that idea is outdated now.  In this article, I will talk about many of the ways to treat meniscus tears. I’ll also tell you about some […]

Meniscus Tears

Meniscus Tears During HIIT Workouts There have been a lot of knee injuries in competitive fitness athletes recently. Meniscal tears have sidelined many pros before The Open even started.  So I thought it would be a great time to discuss the most common knee injury: meniscus tears. Meniscus tears are super common in all sports. […]

Man Doing Front Squat. Why do gains slow down after you have been working out for a while?

Neurologic Adaptations to Strength Training

Why do you get so strong so quickly when you start working out? Why do your gains slow down so much after you exercise for a while?  Why are PR’s so easy when you start lifting and so hard later?  This weeks post is all about answering these fundamental questions.  As a gym owner or […]

muscle memory weight lifting

Muscle Memory and Weight Lifting

Is Muscle Memory Real? So it turns out that muscle memory really is a thing! This bit of lingo has been thrown around for a long time.  Muscle memory is usually used to reference the learning process your body goes through when you practice athletic activities.   Of course, not everyone believed it to be a […]

Dieting with Donuts?

What’s the Best Diet: The Science of Weight Loss

What’s in a Diet? Diet is arguably, the biggest component of a healthy lifestyle.  It is no wonder people scour the internet looking for the latest and best dieting trends.  Buzzy words like “keto”, “paleo”, and “IIFYM” get tossed around.  People will fiercely defend their diet of choice with their own anecdotal “evidence”.  But how […]

How to Treat Patellar Tendinosis

Patellar tendinosis is a frequent problem for athletic people. It is usually caused by repeated stress from running and jumping. High volume squats, like those in many WODs at HIIT and cross training boxes, are a common cause too. To help athletes avoid problems and stay in the gym, we’ve written about common HIIT injuries. […]

knee pain from working out, ice for knee injury

Ice or Heat: Strategies for Treating Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Ice or Heat Every athlete has been told at least once to use ice or heat when they’re sore.  A common question we get in clinic is which one is best?  With the large variety of products marketed to both professional athletes and the weekend warrior, it’s hard to know which modalities are worth the […]

shoulder stability, delayed onset muscle soreness

The Four Best Dietary Supplements To Prevent Soreness After Exercise

It’s very common to get muscle pain and stiffness the day after you exercise. There is actually a specific name for it too: Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness, abbreviated as DOMS.  There are many ways to help treat DOMS.  But prevention is better than treatment, and many dietary supplements have been found to help prevent soreness after […]

Active Recovery with Yoga

Rest, Recover, Rebuild: The Importance of Rest Days for the Athlete

How to Do a “Rest Day” The Right Way We’ve all heard about the importance of rest days when it comes to recovering from workouts.  Some of you may know this and ignore the advice – pushing yourself until an injury forces you to take a break.  Science shows exercise is good for you.  Conditioning […]

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